6. Kayla created an experience that was exactly what I was looking forward to for many years. I wanted to buy my first home and I happened to meet her through a call for a house that was not what I needed. When I met her I knew she was the realtor for me. She set up an MLS alert system for all the  houses in the exact area that I wanted. We would get together and narrow down my want list and finally I found “the one”. Kayla walked me through every step of the process and introduced me to the most incredible brokers, insurance agents, inspectors and all of the necessary people to make my dream a reality. Kayla’s team is outstanding and helpful as well. She helped me to negotiate a new roof while keeping my purchase price on point. Besides her professional help, she is a true sweetheart, kind and real as any friend you would want. I am lucky to have found Kayla Biathrow. – Hollie
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